Wanna travel to Bali with me?

I have some beautiful, inspiring, light-filled, transformative, from-my-heart-to-yours events coming up! Including wellness workshops in NYC this month(!!) (where has the time gone?!) and an epic goddess chakra retreat to Bali this February with my dear friend, Angela Rauscher. See full details here!

I’m ecstatic about these events, particularly the Bali retreat which is SO aligned with everything I stand for, coach others on, blog about, and just basically what I feel I’m here to give to the world. I want to guide and teach others how to access their joy, tune into their intuition, raise their vibrations, uplift their health, and live the best life possible! THIS I feel so strongly about (and if you follow me on insta, you know how much I adore Bali!)

There’s a mega early bird discount available this month for the goddess retreat, so while I’ll be writing about this “journey to the soul” much more down the line, I did want to get the word out now so you can take advantage of the savings!

Got questions on either of these events? Email me at diana(at)thewellnessexplorer.com, I’m happy to discuss details, payment plans, Bali travel, and anything else.

Love love love!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Awaken the Goddess Bali retreat

xox, Diana