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Hey there!
My name is Diana and I am a Wellness Explorer!

I’m a travel-obsessed free spirit with a passion for real foods, nutrition, self-development, and living life to the fullest. To me, that means aligning myself as much as possible with the things that make me come alive – those things that light up my soul and fuel a sense of joy, discovery, and excitement.

I created this site as a platform to share and explore everything wellness-related and to inspire others on their wellness journey to living their best self.

It wasn’t too long ago that I really struggled in life, specifically with my health. I had digestive issues, hypoglycemia, skin conditions, severe seasonal allergies, and tendonitis that wouldn’t heal, just to name a few. After enrolling in nutrition school, I used the knowledge I was learning to really start working on transforming my diet and committing to a healthier lifestyle change. Over time I watched each of these issues start to disappear and my body get stronger.

The low point in my health, however, came when I mysteriously developed a condition in both of my feet leaving me unable to walk or even stand up. I spent months stuck in bed, not knowing when (or if) I would ever walk again and get better. When doctors were unable to help me or provide answers, I once again took my health into my own hands, started researching and ultimately turned to energy healing. Using a variety of methods + lots & lots of self-love, I was able to turn things around and heal my feet – all in a matter of weeks!

This self-healing experience has literally changed my life and affirmed two amazing things for me:

// The body can truly heal and overcome anything with the right tools and determination.
And it is so empowering to realize this.

// Ever since healing my feet, I’ve realized what a blessing it is to simply have a body that works for you.

To go out and live your life without feeling held back by health issues or other limitations.

To step barefoot on the earth and feel the grass between your toes and the sunlight on your face and really experience all the small wonderful joys that we tend to take for granted.

In my element

In my element

I vowed that once I was able to walk again, I would fully participate in life instead of watching it pass me by.

I would listen to my intuition, follow my heart’s desires and do what is needed to transform my life to one that I’m over-the-moon excited about every single day.

The Wellness Explorer is my commitment to live more fully and intentionally and I hope to inspire you to do the same. I want to share the methods I used and let you know that you CAN change things around and live the life you dream of no matter what challenges you’re facing, health or otherwise.

I invite you to join me on this path of nourishment, learning, traveling, recipe-creating, joy-making and exploring.

It’s time to be well and celebrate LIFE!

I’m thrilled to share the journey with you. ♥


Other fun tidbits about me:

// I believe in dreaming big, listening to your body, the healing power of food, living wildly & free, wearing brightly coloured dresses, and unicorns, of course.

// I smile and laugh way more than the average person.

// I am an explorer at heart. The word wanderlust lights me up and makes me come alive.

// I have a love affair with Scandinavia. I travel there at least once every year, I cook Scandinavian dishes, I have even studied Norwegian and Icelandic for a while. Must be a past life thing because I’ve been in love with the culture and landscape since very young.

Traveling through the westfjords

Traveling through the westfjords

// My secret, secret dream (well I guess not so secret since I’m posting it here!!) is to live on a farm someday. I love the idea of homesteading, living simply and being surrounded by nature, taking care of animals and growing my own food. One day I will make this dream a reality!

// I have a huge passion for raw, vegan foods – specifically fresh, whole, ripe, organic fruits and veggies. My favourite foods are papaya, bananas and dates and most everyday you’ll find me eating at least one of these.

// I’m a meditation teacher and ballet dancer in my spare time. ♥ ♥ ♥ them both.

My dreamy bucket list:

– lead a wellness retreat in southeast asia
– help someone start their dream biz
– see the northern lights
– volunteer on a fruit farm in new zealand
– learn to speak icelandic fluently
– skydive!
– do an epic, long-term backpacking trip throughout southeast asia

My wellness philosophy:

You must align body + mind + spirit to truly be well inside & out. It’s when you do this that your energy is really GLOWING. You radiate love & light. You are an absolute delight to be around. And you start creating a life that is beautiful and right for YOU.

I’d love to hang out with you more! Here’s where you can find me online:

instagram (I LOVE insta and this is the main social platform that I’m active on)

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