Christmas bliss ball truffles (raw, vegan, lowfat)

Raw vegan Christmas fudge truffles

I’m dreaming of a raw vegan Christmas… 😉

It’s my favourite holiday and the season of festive desserts! Usually I follow my tradition of making Christmas chocolate bark at this time of year but I had to come up with a different plan now that my diet has changed. What could I make that I would love but could also bring to Christmas dinner for a lot of other guests?

I almost went with raw chocolate brownies but decided on bliss ball truffles instead – the perfect finger food to snack on!

These taste like a decadent fudgy brownie, in bite-sized portion! And they are so healthy, you won’t believe it!!

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How (and why) Ayurveda shapes what I eat

Plus a recipe for Kitchari ♥

How (and why) ayurveda shapes what I eat

I’m teaching the nutrition section in a yoga teacher training this month and as I put together the content for this, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about ayurveda and just how much this ancient science shapes how and what I eat.

Ayurveda is basically a system of holistic self-healing – it’s the oldest continually practiced medicine in the world, originating from India over 5,000 years ago. I’ve been very familiar with ayurveda for a long time as a result of working in the yoga world… it’s fairly common to hear us yogis refer to our ayurvedic doshas, how our vata or kapha might be acting up today and so on. Yes, I realise we can sound quite odd to the un-yogafied ear :)

What I LOVE about ayurveda is that it’s all about balance – reaching a state of balance in mind-body-spirit in order to be well. It views the world through the lens of 3 different “doshas” or inherent constitutional types. Think of a dosha as sort of your genetic make-up. You are born with a certain “way of being in the world,” a certain physical and mental make-up. This inherent way of being does not change and thus, the dosha that you are born with is your dosha for life.

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Amazing german apple pancake! (gluten-free)

gluten-free apple pancake

When apple pie and pancakes come together…

Every once in a while you eat something that jives so utterly and perfectly with the mood you’re in. With each bite, it feels as though the food stars have aligned, there is no other place you should be, there is no other food that your body could possibly desire instead.

Eating this pancake, I had one of those moments.

My goodness is this tasty…

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Stuffed apple crunch ~ (grain-free, gluten-free)

stuffed baked apple

The sweet fragrant smell of warm apples & cinnamon filling the air… it’s one of my all-time favourite smells, instantly captivating and drawing me into a fall festivities state of mind. Crisp autumn days, cozying up in a knit blanket with a warm, stuffed cinnamon apple and a good book… the best! :)

I went apple picking last week, which meant of course I had to stock up! I returned home with a huge bushel of macouns, golden delicious, mcintosh, spartan, and my beloved fave, cortland ♥ I’ll be eating apples every day for the next 2 months maybe! Thus, apple recipe-creating is in full force!

This month I’ll be sharing several of my fave apple recipes and I’m so excited about this first one which tastes like pure indulgence.

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