Notes from the Road: British Columbia + the Sunshine Coast

British Columbia… where the trees have held and healed me, where the sunshine sent me daily hugs & kisses and the Pacific Ocean breezes lightened my spirit. I feel so connected to the land.

Thank you lazy days spent soaking up fresh mountain air, sunlight, and so much green.

Thank you bright blue, cheerful skies and cool ocean waters.

Thank you endless trees, moss and lush vegetation.

Thank you laid-back, Birkenstock-wearing, nature-centric folks who welcomed me into their lives.

Thank you for days spent drifting through the forest like a fairy, stopping to savour or meditate or look up at the sky or just pause and experience the delicious, peaceful, gentle sense of Beauty and Freedom.

Free space. Free time. Looking out at the ocean and joyfully laughing at the magnificence of it all.

Traveling to the Sunshine Coast has been a nature sanctuary.

In honour of creative expression, mixing things up, and ditching The Plans (if youโ€™re on my newsletter list, you know what Iโ€™m talkin bout!), this post is dedicated to simple imagery from my recent travels. Hope you enjoy and get a good feel for the beauty and tranquility of the area. x

lake views

welcome :)

french bistro food
delicious gluten-free french crepe ๐Ÿ™‚

mountains & beach

forest views
hiking & forest views

forest views

Love being out in the wild!

Forest in British Columbia

wild blackberries
wild blackberries

BC ferry

rice box for hiking
I ate here so many times… amazing grilled rice boxes

gorgeous mountain views

Beautiful, stunning!

best time spent at the lake

rocky beach
One of the beaches I went to. No sand, all rocks
mountain & ocean views
um… stunning!
beach at sunset
beach time
The happiest!!!
british columbia
So incredible to walk outside and see this view

nature views

moules frites :)


nature is beautiful
salty & sun-dried, after a hike & ocean swim

unusual forest views

peaceful lagoon

ocean sunset
Sunset means skinny dipping time ๐Ÿ˜‰
hiking to the lake
my fave meditation spot, it was so quiet and beautiful here


ocean & mountain views

Have you traveled through this area before? Do you love nature retreats as much as I do?! Would love to hear from you below ♥