How I healed my body – the secret to my success

A couple months ago back in January I woke up with MAJOR insomnia one night. Not something I often experience and I spent the first hour trying various methods to soothe myself back to sleep. When that didn’t work and I was pretty much resigned to being up for the rest of the night, I asked myself a question: Is there something I need to know here? Is there something this is trying to show me?

I had a burning desire to write for some reason so I pulled out my journal… and proceeded to write the outline for what is now my new coaching program!

I wrote and wrote and wrote that night… I couldn’t stop. And since that night in January I’ve been designing and refining, bubbling over with creative flow, inspiration and ideas to make this the best coaching program I can possibly think of – the wellness program that I WISH would have been available to me when I was struggling with so many health issues. I’ve made a couple announcements on my newsletter about this already and a mention or two on insta… and now the time has come to release this labour of love out into the blogosphere!


Often when people find out I self-healed from a condition where I couldn’t walk, they want to know what exactly I did.

How was I able to clear this out of my body when doctors couldn’t figure it out? What was my secret? Well in a nutshell, it really boils down to two big things:

1) I’ve had help from mentors.

2) I created a solid, strong foundation for myself with practices designed to uplift my body, mind, and spirit consistently. From this place, radiant health is pretty much inevitable.

The first one involved prioritising my well-being enough to seek out the knowledge and information that would help change things around for me.

Back in 2012 I was on a MISSION to heal my body from several various ailments. I enrolled in a few trainings, I read and studied nutrition books voraciously. I also made the decision to really invest in myself and started regularly seeing a health coach. What I adored about this person was the depth of her knowledge and her willingness to be so open and chat with me about everything. She was a total mentor to me – I would book sessions with her and then spend most of the time picking her brain, asking question after question, soaking it all in.

Looking back, those sessions were life-changing for me – this mentor was the first person who taught me how to truly start listening to my body. Who saw in me psychic abilities and encouraged me to use my spiritual gifts. Who taught me to not just look at the physical but (especially) the mental and emotional patterns when healing something in my life.

I am forever grateful for this time with my mentor, not because she healed me during my health crisis the following year (she didn’t) but because she taught me so many tools to help activate my body’s own healing power. She empowered me with the gift of self-trust and inner guidance – and these gifts I continue to utilise every single day.

The wellness mentorship is here!

This mentor also kickstarted my desire to have a coach in my life more often than not. Over the past couple years I’ve mentored with a few different coaches. Currently I have a life coach and I will probably always continue to have one. And I do this because I know the VALUE of being supported in this way. I’ve been able to experience massive growth over the past 2 years because of all the amazing insight, wisdom, and guidance of others who have been down a similar path already and can tell me where to go. This to me is priceless.

And this is why I feel so passionate about wellness coaching. I’ve been there. I’ve been massively stuck and I’ve felt miserable with the state of my health. I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. And I want to help.

Secondly, I created a strong foundation for myself that has my body, mind, and spirit thriving on a regular basis.

With any big thing we want to bring into our life, whether that’s better health, a different job, more money, etc, we have to be operating with enough energy in order to hold it – often this means we have to get better at spotting our habitual patterns, let go of blocks and old limiting beliefs and set ourselves up with new practices that feel nourishing and supportive. This one was a big challenge for me and once again, I’ve had the help of mentors in the past who have guided me in implementing all these changes.

I will say that one of the biggest things I’ve taken away from my work in this area is that when we do something consistently, we see results.

If you are experiencing the lack of something in your life right now, it only means that something you’ve been consistently doing is keeping you stuck. This we can change!


So today I’d like to invite you on a journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love – a journey into YOU.

The Wellness Explorer Mentorship is a coaching program designed to get you thriving. That’s really the best way I can describe it. We’ll be working from the bottom up, focusing on creating a strong, solid foundation for you to soar from through food, selfcare, and energetic practices. We’ll hone in on your dreams and goals to make this program super specific to where you want to go. I’ll be teaching the wellness tools that helped me the most – tools that I still utilise to this day.

Most importantly, I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way. When you experience challenges, we’ll address them together. If you hit a roadblock, I’ll help you navigate yourself back to clarity and calm. The real power in this coaching mentorship is not simply the learning but the ability to get all your questions answered and protocol tailored to the way in which it works best for YOU.

All the details are over here on my Work With Me page.

Enrollment is open today and I only have a few spots open for this. Email me to snag one of em!

Big hugs & love,
Diana xx