Wanna travel to Bali with me? ♥

Bali goddess & chakra retreat

I have some beautiful, inspiring, light-filled, transformative, from-my-heart-to-yours events coming up! Including wellness workshops in NYC this month(!!) (where has the time gone?!) and an epic goddess chakra retreat to Bali this February with my dear friend, Angela Rauscher. See full details here!

I’m ecstatic about these events, particularly the Bali retreat which is SO aligned with everything I stand for, coach others on, blog about, and just basically what I feel I’m here to give to the world. I want to guide and teach others how to access their joy, tune into their intuition, raise their vibrations, uplift their health, and live the best life possible! THIS I feel so strongly about (and if you follow me on insta, you know how much I adore Bali!)

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Could you use a wellness staycation?

Reflections on my at-home wellness retreat + tips on setting up your own

Could you use a wellness staycation?

I’m back! After a nice extended break, I’m excited to return to this space. Aside from taking off a chunk of time for the holiday festivities, I’ve also spent most of the month of January buckling down and finishing up my coaching program. I am now officially a certified life coach! Feels great (and still a bit odd!) to say that.

Many people have been asking me what I plan to do now with my certification. My goal with doing this training was never to become a full-on life coach actually; as interesting and rewarding as life coaching is, my passion still lies first and foremost in the health world. I love food, I adore teaching and talking about wellness, and I also have a very big slant towards working with health & food energetics. What I’m aiming to do is fuse transformational life coach processes together with my nutrition & energetics background to offer a really unique & thorough holistic coaching mentorship. Basically the kind of wellness program that I would jump at the chance to be in!

I’m currently at work writing up the course… watch this space for the new offerings to come soon :)


The other big and recent realisation I had: finishing up my coach training was a GREAT big ol’ sigh of relief as for the better part of a year & a half I’ve been in weekly classes, pod calls, immersed in my reading list or homework assignments. Graduating a couple weeks ago meant it’s time for a break – specifically one that feels supportive, nourishing, and oh-so-blissful.

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