What’s it like to live and travel through Southeast Asia?

Backpacking Southeast Asia

I’ve been away from the blog for an embarrassingly long time.


It’s because my whole life has changed this year.


My last post on the blog left off right on the cusp of taking off on my dream trip around the world. Man… if I had only known how much my world was about to change. 2017 has seen me giving up my longterm home, moving, traveling, recuperating, readjusting. Designing a new life for myself that honestly looks so radically different from 2016 that attempting to comprehend it all still makes my head spin. Everything has changed.

I spent this past winter and spring living and traveling on an epic backpacking adventure through Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Cambodia. The longest I’ve ever traveled abroad for as well as a mind-boggling amount of plane rides, buses, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, taxis, and other forms of transit taken over these months. I have so much to tell — but let’s just start by saying this trip has thoroughly worn me out!

I’ve taken my time in coming back to the blog because my health hasn’t been the greatest (more on that later) and rebuilding my immunity and energetic stores after so much life change has been my number 1 priority as of late. Kind of a double edge sword because it is SO HARD to come back to something after being away for this long. It doesn’t matter how much you love it; getting back into the routine of writing is mega hard work. For that matter, forming any sort of routine these days has been a challenge after going so long this year without well, much of any.

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Traveling through Freiburg & hiking the Black Forest

Traveling through the Black Forest, Freiburg

To be honest, travel to Germany has never been big on my radar. I’m a Scandinavia girl, always have been and always will be. And more recently over the past few years I’ve become Southeast Asia-infatuated. But Germany? It’s always been a country that I’ve passed through en route to other destinations, never really devoting large chunks of time there.

I did know about the Black Forest though. And my gosh, did I want to see the Black Forest.

Freiburg's Black Forest

Freiburg's Black Forest

The Black Forest, Freiburg Germany

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Some thoughts on masculine/feminine energy + travel pics from Prague

Travel in prague

I’ve been hanging out in my masculine for too long. That’s the realisation I came to when traveling through Europe last week. All the telltale signs of being in the thick of it were there: short, shallow breaths, tension in my chest, in my throat, in my abdomen. Being ‘in the head’ and in my thoughts to the point where my intuition sadly took the backseat.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of delving more into this “masculine/feminine energy” topic for a while now but have held back, in part because the scope is so huge. This is also a bit of a hot button issue, as I know some people are quick to take offense at the very suggestion that there are differences between the sexes. We’re all just people and we’re all the same, right? My personal belief is that of course we’re all people but we all have a dominant energy within us. This is an instinctive concept, not an intellectual one.

I’ve learned so much about masculine/feminine energy that’s truly helped me and as you know, we can only write on what we have experienced and can speak to… so I’m going for it and maybe some of this will resonate with others as well.

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Exploring Bali

Exploring Bali

What a long few weeks it’s been! I’ve recently returned from traveling in Bali and have taken a bit of a mini breather before coming back to the blog, to recoup, recharge and get settled back into my routines. And I’m excited to finally share some of my travel pics and experiences with you here! Scroll on, as I will be lacing tons of Bali photos throughout today’s post.

Bali for me was one part captivating, two parts mind-boggling.

Mostly due to all the surprising amounts of chaos. Coming from NYC, you’d think I would have seen and experienced it all. But whilst NYC chaos feels mostly centered around hoards of people, Bali chaos is centered around hoards of loud motorbikes, traffic jams, plus the occasional chicken or three running by :)

As if the dizzying stream of motorbikes wasn’t jarring enough, the narrow streets were often teeming with more brightly-coloured goods than I could take in at once… and everyone is trying to get you to buy something. On my first day there it was all too much sensory overload to take in… such a chaotic array of madness and motor sounds oddly set amidst an otherwise peaceful, tropical, sun-drenched backdrop.

That’s all on the immediate surface though.

What you’ll find after settling into Bali a bit longer is a deeply spiritual culture centered around ceremony, prayer, devotion, and blessings. This energy was felt throughout my entire Bali stay. In fact no matter where I went, I was never far from encountering the various beautiful offerings to the gods that the Balinese hand-make everyday.

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