Christmas bliss ball truffles (raw, vegan, lowfat)

Raw vegan Christmas fudge truffles

I’m dreaming of a raw vegan Christmas… 😉

It’s my favourite holiday and the season of festive desserts! Usually I follow my tradition of making Christmas chocolate bark at this time of year but I had to come up with a different plan now that my diet has changed. What could I make that I would love but could also bring to Christmas dinner for a lot of other guests?

I almost went with raw chocolate brownies but decided on bliss ball truffles instead – the perfect finger food to snack on!

These taste like a decadent fudgy brownie, in bite-sized portion! And they are so healthy, you won’t believe it!!

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Wanna travel to Bali with me? ♥

Bali goddess & chakra retreat

I have some beautiful, inspiring, light-filled, transformative, from-my-heart-to-yours events coming up! Including wellness workshops in NYC this month(!!) (where has the time gone?!) and an epic goddess chakra retreat to Bali this February with my dear friend, Angela Rauscher. See full details here!

I’m ecstatic about these events, particularly the Bali retreat which is SO aligned with everything I stand for, coach others on, blog about, and just basically what I feel I’m here to give to the world. I want to guide and teach others how to access their joy, tune into their intuition, raise their vibrations, uplift their health, and live the best life possible! THIS I feel so strongly about (and if you follow me on insta, you know how much I adore Bali!)

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The Wellness Explorer turns 2, plus a Giveaway!

Wellness coaching giveaway!

My blog baby is a whole 2 years old. Where did the time go? And to celebrate, I’ve got an amazing giveaway set up for you!

Reflecting on this wild and crazy blogger journey, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has followed The Wellness Explorer for the past 2 years. Nothing warms my heart more than receiving a comment or email from a reader saying how inspired they were by one of my posts or newsletters. Connecting with you each week is one of my VERY favourite things to do and I truly feel so blessed.

Being able to give something back is important to me and so, in honour of The Wellness Explorer’s 2-year anniversary, I’m gifting away 2 free wellness coaching spots to readers! Passing on the spirit of gratitude and love ♥

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Amazing german apple pancake! (gluten-free)

gluten-free apple pancake

When apple pie and pancakes come together…

Every once in a while you eat something that jives so utterly and perfectly with the mood you’re in. With each bite, it feels as though the food stars have aligned, there is no other place you should be, there is no other food that your body could possibly desire instead.

Eating this pancake, I had one of those moments.

My goodness is this tasty…

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