Christmas bliss ball truffles (raw, vegan, lowfat)

Raw vegan Christmas fudge truffles

I’m dreaming of a raw vegan Christmas… 😉

It’s my favourite holiday and the season of festive desserts! Usually I follow my tradition of making Christmas chocolate bark at this time of year but I had to come up with a different plan now that my diet has changed. What could I make that I would love but could also bring to Christmas dinner for a lot of other guests?

I almost went with raw chocolate brownies but decided on bliss ball truffles instead – the perfect finger food to snack on!

These taste like a decadent fudgy brownie, in bite-sized portion! And they are so healthy, you won’t believe it!!

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Could you use a wellness staycation?

Reflections on my at-home wellness retreat + tips on setting up your own

Could you use a wellness staycation?

I’m back! After a nice extended break, I’m excited to return to this space. Aside from taking off a chunk of time for the holiday festivities, I’ve also spent most of the month of January buckling down and finishing up my coaching program. I am now officially a certified life coach! Feels great (and still a bit odd!) to say that.

Many people have been asking me what I plan to do now with my certification. My goal with doing this training was never to become a full-on life coach actually; as interesting and rewarding as life coaching is, my passion still lies first and foremost in the health world. I love food, I adore teaching and talking about wellness, and I also have a very big slant towards working with health & food energetics. What I’m aiming to do is fuse transformational life coach processes together with my nutrition & energetics background to offer a really unique & thorough holistic coaching mentorship. Basically the kind of wellness program that I would jump at the chance to be in!

I’m currently at work writing up the course… watch this space for the new offerings to come soon :)


The other big and recent realisation I had: finishing up my coach training was a GREAT big ol’ sigh of relief as for the better part of a year & a half I’ve been in weekly classes, pod calls, immersed in my reading list or homework assignments. Graduating a couple weeks ago meant it’s time for a break – specifically one that feels supportive, nourishing, and oh-so-blissful.

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Stuffed apple crunch ~ (grain-free, gluten-free)

stuffed baked apple

The sweet fragrant smell of warm apples & cinnamon filling the air… it’s one of my all-time favourite smells, instantly captivating and drawing me into a fall festivities state of mind. Crisp autumn days, cozying up in a knit blanket with a warm, stuffed cinnamon apple and a good book… the best! :)

I went apple picking last week, which meant of course I had to stock up! I returned home with a huge bushel of macouns, golden delicious, mcintosh, spartan, and my beloved fave, cortland ♥ I’ll be eating apples every day for the next 2 months maybe! Thus, apple recipe-creating is in full force!

This month I’ll be sharing several of my fave apple recipes and I’m so excited about this first one which tastes like pure indulgence.

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Heatwave Coolers ~ The summer recipes I’m currently loving

Summer Cooler Recipes

It’s been so hot lately. Perhaps you know the feeling… days where the air feels so thick and weighty and humid, where just walking down the street somehow manages to stir up a sticky sweat. The sun is beating down, intense and unrelenting and so bright it makes you squint and it’s all beautiful and unbearable at the same time. Days where after being out and about, you plop down in a feverish, sweat-drenched, frizzy-haired state and realise you just don’t want to move.

The heat of a NYC summer I shall never forget!

Needless to say, eating watery fruits and veggies for dinner has become a frequent occurrence for me these days. I’ve definitely had my share of watermelon-for-dinner nights :) I’ve been making a few cooling summer recipes that have really been helping me with the heat and wanted to share the love over here! If you’re craving something cool, refreshing, healthy, and totally simple to create, read on for 3 of my current faves.


Peach Lemonade with Coconut Sugar

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