Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? How to deal

Are you a highly sensitive person?

It starts in my throat. A thick knot develops, extending down into my chest, constricting. My breathing becomes short, shallow, and I notice that I’m unintentionally holding my breath. My vision becomes scattered and unfocused, causing me to feel cross-eyed and dizzy. I need to get out.

There’s something in the air this week. Can you feel it?

Tiredness. Exhaustion. Sickness. Anxiety. Emotions running high. All these things have been hitting many of my friends recently. Myself included.

This past Sunday’s mega lunar eclipse combined with a season full of crazy transitions and change has really turned my emotional switch up full force. I spent last Friday in bed for literally the entire day – I wasn’t sick or anything like that, but just felt emotionally exhausted, drained and super reclusive. Intensely feeling the need to pull inward and decompress.

It’s at times like this when I’m reminded of my heightened sensitivity.

I’ve regarded it as a weakness for most of my life and it’s only within the past couple years that I’ve really begun to embrace this in myself, hone my intuition and see it as the gift it truly is.

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Exploring Bali

Exploring Bali

What a long few weeks it’s been! I’ve recently returned from traveling in Bali and have taken a bit of a mini breather before coming back to the blog, to recoup, recharge and get settled back into my routines. And I’m excited to finally share some of my travel pics and experiences with you here! Scroll on, as I will be lacing tons of Bali photos throughout today’s post.

Bali for me was one part captivating, two parts mind-boggling.

Mostly due to all the surprising amounts of chaos. Coming from NYC, you’d think I would have seen and experienced it all. But whilst NYC chaos feels mostly centered around hoards of people, Bali chaos is centered around hoards of loud motorbikes, traffic jams, plus the occasional chicken or three running by :)

As if the dizzying stream of motorbikes wasn’t jarring enough, the narrow streets were often teeming with more brightly-coloured goods than I could take in at once… and everyone is trying to get you to buy something. On my first day there it was all too much sensory overload to take in… such a chaotic array of madness and motor sounds oddly set amidst an otherwise peaceful, tropical, sun-drenched backdrop.

That’s all on the immediate surface though.

What you’ll find after settling into Bali a bit longer is a deeply spiritual culture centered around ceremony, prayer, devotion, and blessings. This energy was felt throughout my entire Bali stay. In fact no matter where I went, I was never far from encountering the various beautiful offerings to the gods that the Balinese hand-make everyday.

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Bali-bound + my wellness packing list

My wellness travel packing list

I’m Bali and Singapore-bound for my most epic trip of the year! Clear across to the other side of the world for me, Bali has been a tropical dream spot for such a long time and I’m so excited to finally make it happen!

I’ve been prepping for Southeast Asia travel for weeks and have got packingpackingpacking on the mind. Amidst all the chaos, it occurred to me that I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling well and keeping myself healthy and energised on the road. For example, things that I have been consistently grateful for bringing along on trips: raw snack bars, digestive enzymes, and coconut oil. Things that I have routinely regretted bringing: way too many outfits, multiple pairs of shoes and other ‘just-in-case’ clothing items.

I am definitely not your average backpacker – these days my travel bag contains way more health-related products than clothing and electronics combined!

I also think that the more you travel, the more you realise just how few material items you actually need to get by and feel happy (but that’s for another longer post down the line!) :)

While I wrap up packing for this journey, I thought I’d give you a peek into my backpack and share my wellness picks for healthy traveling. I know that when I first started backpacking, I would have loved to see a health-focused guide like this, so I hope it’s helpful to you!

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Heatwave Coolers ~ The summer recipes I’m currently loving

Summer Cooler Recipes

It’s been so hot lately. Perhaps you know the feeling… days where the air feels so thick and weighty and humid, where just walking down the street somehow manages to stir up a sticky sweat. The sun is beating down, intense and unrelenting and so bright it makes you squint and it’s all beautiful and unbearable at the same time. Days where after being out and about, you plop down in a feverish, sweat-drenched, frizzy-haired state and realise you just don’t want to move.

The heat of a NYC summer I shall never forget!

Needless to say, eating watery fruits and veggies for dinner has become a frequent occurrence for me these days. I’ve definitely had my share of watermelon-for-dinner nights :) I’ve been making a few cooling summer recipes that have really been helping me with the heat and wanted to share the love over here! If you’re craving something cool, refreshing, healthy, and totally simple to create, read on for 3 of my current faves.


Peach Lemonade with Coconut Sugar

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