The Wellness Explorer turns 2, plus a Giveaway!

Wellness coaching giveaway!

My blog baby is a whole 2 years old. Where did the time go? And to celebrate, I’ve got an amazing giveaway set up for you!

Reflecting on this wild and crazy blogger journey, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has followed The Wellness Explorer for the past 2 years. Nothing warms my heart more than receiving a comment or email from a reader saying how inspired they were by one of my posts or newsletters. Connecting with you each week is one of my VERY favourite things to do and I truly feel so blessed.

Being able to give something back is important to me and so, in honour of The Wellness Explorer’s 2-year anniversary, I’m gifting away 2 free wellness coaching spots to readers! Passing on the spirit of gratitude and love ♥

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The struggle with saying NO

The struggle with saying no

Recently life has been — how shall we say? — delightfully FULL these past few weeks, keeping me well out of the blogosphere. So much happening around these parts and one thing I’ve been aware of lately is just how often I’ve had to say NO to things. Fun invites out with friends, dinners, get-togethers, classes, outings. I’m still (eagerly) waiting to do my annual fall rock-climbing trip up in the mountains before it gets too cold… if I could just find a free day to block it in! :)

Saying no isn’t something I have much of an issue with nowadays (in fact, over the last year or so I’ve become a little bit of a ’NO’ extraordinaire as I get better and more comfortable with setting clear boundaries for myself). However, this is an issue I used to struggle with constantly in the past and there is definitely a lot I can say on it. Inspired by a convo that I had with some girlfriends just recently, I thought I’d delve into this topic more. Saying no is such a huge problem for so many of us… WHY is that?

Why is it so hard for us to turn down invites to things, to forgo helping out a friend or family member, etc, if we genuinely don’t want to or don’t have time?

WHY do we struggle with saying no to others?

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Amazing german apple pancake! (gluten-free)

gluten-free apple pancake

When apple pie and pancakes come together…

Every once in a while you eat something that jives so utterly and perfectly with the mood you’re in. With each bite, it feels as though the food stars have aligned, there is no other place you should be, there is no other food that your body could possibly desire instead.

Eating this pancake, I had one of those moments.

My goodness is this tasty…

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Stuffed apple crunch ~ (grain-free, gluten-free)

stuffed baked apple

The sweet fragrant smell of warm apples & cinnamon filling the air… it’s one of my all-time favourite smells, instantly captivating and drawing me into a fall festivities state of mind. Crisp autumn days, cozying up in a knit blanket with a warm, stuffed cinnamon apple and a good book… the best! :)

I went apple picking last week, which meant of course I had to stock up! I returned home with a huge bushel of macouns, golden delicious, mcintosh, spartan, and my beloved fave, cortland ♥ I’ll be eating apples every day for the next 2 months maybe! Thus, apple recipe-creating is in full force!

This month I’ll be sharing several of my fave apple recipes and I’m so excited about this first one which tastes like pure indulgence.

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