Notes from the Road: British Columbia + the Sunshine Coast

British Columbia

British Columbia… where the trees have held and healed me, where the sunshine sent me daily hugs & kisses and the Pacific Ocean breezes lightened my spirit. I feel so connected to the land.

Thank you lazy days spent soaking up fresh mountain air, sunlight, and so much green.

Thank you bright blue, cheerful skies and cool ocean waters.

Thank you endless trees, moss and lush vegetation.

Thank you laid-back, Birkenstock-wearing, nature-centric folks who welcomed me into their lives.

Thank you for days spent drifting through the forest like a fairy, stopping to savour or meditate or look up at the sky or just pause and experience the delicious, peaceful, gentle sense of Beauty and Freedom.

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Why your setbacks are your greatest blessings

Why your setbacks are your greatest blessings

A health crisis. A painful breakup. A job loss. A serious accident. When your world feels like it’s falling apart, how do you react to major setbacks in your life?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since the health crisis happened – the one that left me unable to stand up or walk. This was one of the most profoundly devastating experiences of my life. Yet when people ask me about this experience, I always say it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

No, I am not a masochist. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I can’t say that losing the ability to walk and being stuck in bed for months was an enjoyable experience – far from it – but it just taught me so much. It changed my outlook on life for the better, as well as changed my direction in life in a huge way.

Often when we’re going through a really difficult time we feel completely devastated and defeated. We can’t see anything beneficial about what’s happening in the moment – what can possibly be good about experiencing so much loss and pain? Though we often don’t recognise it at the time, we are being handed a new path – an opportunity to go in a different direction than the one we’ve been heading down.

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Fall in love with what you love


Have you ever talked to someone who genuinely loves doing something? It could be an activity, a job, a hobby, etc. If so, you’ll recognise the sparkle in the eyes, the expanded heart, the positivity and passion that radiates from them. It is mega attractive being around someone who lives in this energy.

As I start up my summer dance training this week — what I’m most stoked about right now!! — it’s gotten me thinking so much about doing things for the joy of it. For the simple joy and love that it brings you.

These days we do things in life for all sorts of reasons that have little to do with joy. We might take a job for the money or for more experience. We might choose to study or learn something because it’s useful. We might hang out somewhere because it’s convenient or familiar or inexpensive. We might wear clothing or eat food that’s easy, that we don’t really have to think about or put a lot of effort into. We might post statuses on social media to get likes and approval. We might say certain things to others or act a certain way to fit in and be accepted.

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How to deal with the Shoulds

How to deal with the Shoulds

A few of my friends are turning 30 this year and it’s been interesting talking to them and others who are approaching this age. One big thing that I have noticed come up with most people as they get older is all the “shoulds” — What we feel like we should have accomplished in life or where we should be by now. For instance…

I should have better health by now.

I should be working in my career of choice by now.

I should be married by now.

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