Traveling through Freiburg & hiking the Black Forest

Traveling through the Black Forest, Freiburg

To be honest, travel to Germany has never been big on my radar. I’m a Scandinavia girl, always have been and always will be. And more recently over the past few years I’ve become Southeast Asia-infatuated. But Germany? It’s always been a country that I’ve passed through en route to other destinations, never really devoting large chunks of time there.

I did know about the Black Forest though. And my gosh, did I want to see the Black Forest.

Freiburg's Black Forest

Freiburg's Black Forest

The Black Forest, Freiburg Germany

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Afraid of being JUDGED? Read this

Are you afraid of being judged?

Last year I was writing an email to an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a long time. I had recently gotten back into the habit of blogging regularly again and had set up a few automated things to promote my writing more – one of these being a link to my blog in my gmail account. It had seemed like a good move at the time… and then I soon quickly forgot it was even there…

I finished up my email and pressed SEND without thinking much about it – and suddenly realised to my sheer horror that I had just unintentionally sent this friend the link to my blog.

Horror and panic ensued.

It’s not that I was trying to hide my writing from him or the fact that I was a blogger. I just didn’t feel ready to share my words with everyone yet. My blog posts are raw; they’re honest and revealing and I tend to write in a way that reads a bit like a journal entry. This is just my personal style and way I communicate best. I felt fine with sharing these posts with strangers and people looking for that inspiration in their own lives but wasn’t fully prepared for it to go beyond that just yet.

The self-defeating thoughts were racing through my mind: What will he THINK? I probably sound so dumb! So girly and naive, such a dreamer.

What was I so afraid of?

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How I healed my body – the secret to my success

How I healed my body & The wellness mentorship program

A couple months ago back in January I woke up with MAJOR insomnia one night. Not something I often experience and I spent the first hour trying various methods to soothe myself back to sleep. When that didn’t work and I was pretty much resigned to being up for the rest of the night, I asked myself a question: Is there something I need to know here? Is there something this is trying to show me?

I had a burning desire to write for some reason so I pulled out my journal… and proceeded to write the outline for what is now my new coaching program!

I wrote and wrote and wrote that night… I couldn’t stop. And since that night in January I’ve been designing and refining, bubbling over with creative flow, inspiration and ideas to make this the best coaching program I can possibly think of – the wellness program that I WISH would have been available to me when I was struggling with so many health issues. I’ve made a couple announcements on my newsletter about this already and a mention or two on insta… and now the time has come to release this labour of love out into the blogosphere!


Often when people find out I self-healed from a condition where I couldn’t walk, they want to know what exactly I did.

How was I able to clear this out of my body when doctors couldn’t figure it out? What was my secret? Well in a nutshell, it really boils down to two big things:

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How (and why) Ayurveda shapes what I eat

Plus a recipe for Kitchari ♥

How (and why) ayurveda shapes what I eat

I’m teaching the nutrition section in a yoga teacher training this month and as I put together the content for this, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about ayurveda and just how much this ancient science shapes how and what I eat.

Ayurveda is basically a system of holistic self-healing – it’s the oldest continually practiced medicine in the world, originating from India over 5,000 years ago. I’ve been very familiar with ayurveda for a long time as a result of working in the yoga world… it’s fairly common to hear us yogis refer to our ayurvedic doshas, how our vata or kapha might be acting up today and so on. Yes, I realise we can sound quite odd to the un-yogafied ear :)

What I LOVE about ayurveda is that it’s all about balance – reaching a state of balance in mind-body-spirit in order to be well. It views the world through the lens of 3 different “doshas” or inherent constitutional types. Think of a dosha as sort of your genetic make-up. You are born with a certain “way of being in the world,” a certain physical and mental make-up. This inherent way of being does not change and thus, the dosha that you are born with is your dosha for life.

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