Could you use a wellness staycation?

Reflections on my at-home wellness retreat + tips on setting up your own

Could you use a wellness staycation?

I’m back! After a nice extended break, I’m excited to return to this space. Aside from taking off a chunk of time for the holiday festivities, I’ve also spent most of the month of January buckling down and finishing up my coaching program. I am now officially a certified life coach! Feels great (and still a bit odd!) to say that.

Many people have been asking me what I plan to do now with my certification. My goal with doing this training was never to become a full-on life coach actually; as interesting and rewarding as life coaching is, my passion still lies first and foremost in the health world. I love food, I adore teaching and talking about wellness, and I also have a very big slant towards working with health & food energetics. What I’m aiming to do is fuse transformational life coach processes together with my nutrition & energetics background to offer a really unique & thorough holistic coaching mentorship. Basically the kind of wellness program that I would jump at the chance to be in!

I’m currently at work writing up the course… watch this space for the new offerings to come soon :)


The other big and recent realisation I had: finishing up my coach training was a GREAT big ol’ sigh of relief as for the better part of a year & a half I’ve been in weekly classes, pod calls, immersed in my reading list or homework assignments. Graduating a couple weeks ago meant it’s time for a break – specifically one that feels supportive, nourishing, and oh-so-blissful.

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Happy Holidays! + a little R&R break

Restful holiday break

From my heart to yours, wishing you a most magical + restful holiday season and happy new year!

I’m currently on holiday break from The Wellness Explorer until the end of January but I cannot WAIT to return with lots more fab posts for you! :)

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Dive in lovely, I’d be stoked to have you ♥

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Happy 2016 and I’ll see you back here soon!
Diana xx

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Some thoughts on masculine/feminine energy + travel pics from Prague

Travel in prague

I’ve been hanging out in my masculine for too long. That’s the realisation I came to when traveling through Europe last week. All the telltale signs of being in the thick of it were there: short, shallow breaths, tension in my chest, in my throat, in my abdomen. Being ‘in the head’ and in my thoughts to the point where my intuition sadly took the backseat.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of delving more into this “masculine/feminine energy” topic for a while now but have held back, in part because the scope is so huge. This is also a bit of a hot button issue, as I know some people are quick to take offense at the very suggestion that there are differences between the sexes. We’re all just people and we’re all the same, right? My personal belief is that of course we’re all people but we all have a dominant energy within us. This is an instinctive concept, not an intellectual one.

I’ve learned so much about masculine/feminine energy that’s truly helped me and as you know, we can only write on what we have experienced and can speak to… so I’m going for it and maybe some of this will resonate with others as well.

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The Wellness Explorer turns 2, plus a Giveaway!

Wellness coaching giveaway!

My blog baby is a whole 2 years old. Where did the time go? And to celebrate, I’ve got an amazing giveaway set up for you!

Reflecting on this wild and crazy blogger journey, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has followed The Wellness Explorer for the past 2 years. Nothing warms my heart more than receiving a comment or email from a reader saying how inspired they were by one of my posts or newsletters. Connecting with you each week is one of my VERY favourite things to do and I truly feel so blessed.

Being able to give something back is important to me and so, in honour of The Wellness Explorer’s 2-year anniversary, I’m gifting away 2 free wellness coaching spots to readers! Passing on the spirit of gratitude and love ♥

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