A birthday, my 2014 year in review + thoughts on living with intention


Having a birthday that falls close after the new year is something that I get really excited about.

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m so forward-moving or perhaps because January has that “fresh start” feeling in the air, but my birthday always brings to mind the excitement and anticipation of a new start. This is the time when I get inspired to reflect and review the past year, celebrate how things went, what I want to do differently this time, how I want to spend my next year being a new, older (hopefully wiser!) self.

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Flourless Chocolate Brownies

fudgy brownies

So truth be told, I was aiming for flourless chocolate cake with this recipe. The silky smooth, rich kind that melts in your mouth like chocolate ganache. In celebration of my birthday this week, I wanted to try my hand at baking something new, a little decadent and of course chocolatey. Enter the flourless chocolate cake, the stuff dreams are made of.

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Icelandic Pancakes (Pönnukökur)

Icelandic pancakes

I’ve noticed a familiar pattern happens whenever I return from Scandinavia.

In dealing with my homesickness for this region, I always find myself delving into Scandinavian culture straight away in an attempt to stay more connected. I dive into my Icelandic teachings with renewed vigor, read some new Scandinavian books or watch movies, research new areas I’d like to explore in the future. And I cook. My gosh, do I cook.

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Reflections on travel + how to deal with the fear of missing out

reflections on travel

My head was spinning. My stomach was in knots and my mind felt out of control.

I don’t want to go on this trip.

It was towards the end of this past December and I was packing for my trip to Europe. I had a 5-country trek planned out through Norway, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Ireland. This was a trip I had planned for months — an epic backpacking spree to end 2014 with and kickstart a new year with a series of exciting travel adventures. I had poured research into this trip and had carefully saved up for it, plotted out all the details. The problem? I didn’t really want to go anymore. It was just hours before my flight would be taking off and the anxiety I was feeling was practically off the charts.

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FREE goodies (created just for you!)

sun glow

In honour of the holidays and in the spirit of giving…

I’ve made you something.

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When Life Gets Crazy, Should We Forge Ahead or Put on the Brakes?

fast lane

Lately I have been feeling a lot like the energizer bunny… just going and going and going.

In full transparency mode, over the past couple months I’ve picked up a very packed-to-the-brim schedule. Currently I’m working overtime (during our busiest season of the year!), am enrolled in a life coaching program, blogging several times per week in addition to developing this lovely website, as well as prepping for some MAJOR travel coming up soon this month. And that’s just the big stuff.

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Christmas Chocolate Bark

awesome chocolate bark

Holiday season is here, one of my favourite times of the year!

Christmas tunes are everywhere, the streets are lit up with decorations, and everything seems just a bit more cheerful and festive and shiny. Yep, I am a Christmas enthusiast. Bring.It.On!

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Creamy Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding

Pumpkin chia pudding

Pumpkin cravings are in the air! Here in the northeast, it’s practically a requirement to indulge in a few pumpkin dishes at this time of year.

A few weeks ago I jokingly said to a friend that there probably isn’t a dish I haven’t added pumpkin to at some point. It’s not far from the truth though – I’m a bit obsessed with this sweet, fleshy gourd. There is something innately comforting and joyful about the pumpkin that really captivates me. It’s both hearty and subtly sweet, strong and weighty, grounded and mellow, yet bright and enticing. The deep orange colour is beautiful and nourishing for your sacral chakra (and I think we could all use some extra balance there!)

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How to Find Your Calm in the Cold

winter view

Lately we’ve had some frigid weather here in NYC. And although I look forward to some fluffy white snow days and ice skating adventures whilst sipping a big cup of hot cocoa, I have a confession to make:

I am not a cold weather person.

As much as I wish I could be the gal who rejoices when winter is here, who is unfazed by the grey skies and barren trees (maybe even finds delight in them!), and who joyously piles on the layers of insulation before facing the frost, it’s just not me.

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Ode to creating space, dancing + a return to blogging

ballet flats

Well… hello again.

It feels a bit strange to be posting here after such a long time away. And while I can’t entirely wrap my head around the fact that it’s been 8 months (?!!) since my last post, I can tell you that the time away has brought to light so many gratifying insights and revelations.

Let me backtrack a bit here.

I left this blog in late March of this year, after a series of untimely events required me to shift gears and focus all my energy on work. I’ll admit I struggled a lot with stepping away and it was not a decision made lightly (I had just finished my e-book and was riding on a creativity wave – definitely NOT the time one takes a writing break!)

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