Confessions of a workaholic (and what I’ve decided)

Confessions of a Workaholic

The day I found out I could pee whenever I wanted to was a memorable one.

It was right after I had graduated from college – (bear with me here, I promise this isn’t a story involving some strange bladder syndrome :)) I had landed a job in PR, my dream field at the time and was beyond stoked – I envisioned busy days immersed in Important Things, handling Important Matters. It all seemed so high-profile.

I had forgotten to ask what the dress code was beforehand but that didn’t matter – I showed up to my first day in a full-on black power suit, complete with spike heels. I was ready to go. Being the earnest little worker I was, I did what we all do on our first days at a new job – I keenly watched my co-workers and the office personnel move around and go about their tasks, eager to pick up and emulate and learn.

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Sometimes You Gotta Let it Go…
Why Perfectionism Keeps Us Stuck

Why Perfectionism Keeps You Stuck

I’m working on my wellness e-book this week and in the very final stages of editing and design (!!!) Coming to you soonly:) This e-book has been a labour of love and I thought I’d share the process of its development with you as I think it demonstrates something that happens to many of us.

I’m talking about resistance. And namely striving for perfectionism.

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The Healing Power of Crying (plus I’m back!)

The healing power of crying

When I mentioned in my last newsletter that I’d be taking a few weeks off from the blog, I anticipated that I’d be pretty booked up with some wellness projects, coaching, training, and work demands but Ohhh.. did I underestimate just how FULL my waking hours would be.

Over the past few weeks I was so so grateful to receive some big opportunities to expand and grow myself, both work-wise and blog-wise. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone as a coach, as a speaker, as a writer, and it felt so good to be moving in the direction of where I want to be.

Along with this myriad of wonderful Opportunity came a host of other not-so-great side effects though.
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What I Learned From My Smoothie Cleanse

Green smoothie challenge

I’ve just wrapped up my 10-day smoothie cleanse and wow, can’t believe how fast the whole thing flew by! If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, I hope you enjoyed the daily smoothie pics and recipes. I truly had a blast making and eating these!! :) I thought I’d pop in fresh off my cleanse to run through some of my experiences, thoughts & musings over these past 10 days.

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